| Office Park Hloubětín

April 2018 was very successful, Rilancio has grown into a complex of office buildings.

| OC Central Most

In April 2018, Rilancio acquired its shopping center in Most.

| AFI Vokovice

Since March 2018, Rilancio has been providing technical administration to a modern administration complex.

| Achievements of the end of 2016

Our new projects are Aupark Hradec Králové, the bulding of Lighthouse Vltava Waterfront Tower and logistics parks BPP Zličín, Chrášťany and Křimice.

| Galerie Přerov

From this summer is on of our projects also a new shopping mall Galerie Přerov.

| Diamant and VWFS

Other Rilancio´s projects are the Diamant building on Wenceslas Square and the building of Volkswagen Financial Services.

| New projects

At the end of 2015 we began to provide technical management of the building AC Krejcárek.

1st January 2016 brought two new projects – Prague Gate and Slovanský dům.

| Metronom Business Center

From the March 2015 Rilancio has been ensuring technical management of new building Metronom Business Center from HB Reavis, which offers highly modern offices in Nové Butovice.

| Palace Astra & Euro

From 1st February 2015 we ensure technical management of Palace Astra & Euro at the Wenceslas Square and we cooperate with Mint Property Management s.r.o.

| River Garden Office II + III

Our company has been ensuring technical management River Garden Office II + III. We are expanding our collaboration with HB Reavis.

| Evropská Business Centre

We have included in the portfolio the Evropská Business Centre administrative building. Our company has been ensuring complex technical management from 1.4.2014.

| Ehlenův dům, K Červenému dvoru areal

Our company has been ensuring technical management of office building and from 1st October 2013 administrative – logistic areal K Červenému dvoru.

| Classic 7 BP, Broadway Palace, D 8 European Park

Our company has been ensuring technical management of various industry objects.

| We’ve launched new Helpdesk ISR 4

We have extended our software ISR 4 with Helpdesk modul.

| Hall Office Park, Paramount & Metropolitan building

Our company provides Property and Facility Management of the administrative office buildings completely

| FORUM Ústí nad Labem

Our company provides technical management of the shopping center

| Innovation of ISR 4 functions

We have added new functions to our ISR 4 system, whilst preserving its winning aspect = simplicity


A new article about us was published in BUILDING WORLD III magazine.

| River Garden Office West

As of January 2012, our company has been providing facility management of this newly built administration building.

| Velux Czech republic, s. r. o.

Since 1st january 2012, our company has been providing technical management to the learning center Velux Czech republlic s.r.o.

| Inventec Czech s.r.o.

Since 1st November 2011, our company has been providing technical management to the manufacturing complex Inventec Czech s.r.o.

| Quality Management System, ČSN

Since 21st June 2011, the Rilancio company has been the holder of the certificate of Quality Management System, ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009